I am not a fly on the wall. I don’t put life on hold to take photos or shoot video. To me perfection is being absorbed fully in every moment, present in each shared experience. Images are of life, and the best ones come from living it.

I’m based in Boston and available for video, photo and multimedia production and consulting assignments. I would love to talk about how I can help with your project.



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Content creator and cookie aficionado, I'm currently a video producer at Bustle and Elite Daily. Previously I've worked as lead field documentarian for Finding America, a producer at DigitasLBi, and Harvard Business School's first digital content producer. I have an MA in international journalism, specializing in documentary making, from Cardiff University in Wales, and a BA in journalism from UNC Chapel Hill.

This site is a collection of photos and video from my life and work. Get in touch if you like what you see!