Paralyzed but Still Moving

Dorian Taylor is an inspired athlete, not just in spite of being paralyzed from the waist down, but also because of it.

Iñupiaq on the Inside

Growing up in Wasilla, Alaska, Cordelia Kellie felt different. It wasn’t until she visited her mother’s home village of Wainwright for the first time, and started learning the Iñupiaq language that she really felt at home. Now she shares her knowledge and pride in North Slope culture with other young Native Alaskans.

Caring for the Military

Feed our Vets Pantry Director Tonia Russell cares for military veterans, active service members and herself at the organization's monthly food pantry in Watertown, N.Y. 

She Was Incarcerated At 13. Now She Wants To Change The Justice System For Girls [Insights]

"I had no hope to be someone." Michelle Diaz was charged with shoplifting when she was only 13 and it changed everything

It's All About Apples

As owner of Mathis Orchard, Coleman Mathis, 75, deals with much more than one apple a day. However, the doctor is no longer keeping his distance. Coleman’s age and health, along with the increasing cost of production, make him think about finally slowing down. One of these days.

A Modern Habit

Sister Eileen Derrick is a Franciscan nun in Manilus, N.Y. who founded Ponies for Peace, a nonprofit equine therapy organization.

A Disappearing Community

One of the stories I was most excited about shooting this year was about a small library in Nantymoel, a village north of Bridgend in Wales. More than 500 public libraries, including Nantymoel, are closing or might close in England and Wales because of budget concerns. Local councils are legally required to provide library services. Needless to say, the closings are causing controversy.

The deal, made with one of the directors of libraries for the county, was that the story not focus on the closing, but on preserving the place for the historical record. I agreed to this and thought it was an appropriately librarian-like approach. I planned to shoot a portrait of the library as it was, so it would be remembered when it closed. The director of the Berwyn Centre, where the library was housed, was thrilled, as were the librarians and patrons. Soon after I started shooting though, Mark Shephard, a local councilor, called and said I had to stop. He said the closing was too controversial to allow coverage. Initially I tried to pull the original piece together, but the footage wasn’t there. Ultimately I abandoned the portrait and edited the story how it happened, focusing on the closing after all.

Proud To Serve

With his own marriage ended and his sons grown and gone, much of 61-year-old Tom Davis’ time is focused on looking after his ailing father, James “Snoz” Davis. But the caring goes both ways.

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending - Buying Experiences

Harvard Business School Professor Michael Norton enlists help to demonstrate that spending money on experiences instead of stuff makes people happier. Buying experiences is one of five core principles of smarter spending Norton and co-author Elizabeth Dunn write about in their new book: Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending.

Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending - Investing in Others

HBS Professor Michael Norton presents a second challenge: take $20 and spend it on someone other than yourself. Through experiments like this, Norton and co-author Elizabeth Dunn found that giving money away makes people happier than buying things. Investing in others, as they call it, is another of the five core principles of smarter spending detailed in their book: Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending.

Startup Lockdown

Is it possible to create five businesses in five days? Five HBS students got together over spring break to find out. See more about their experience on their blog:

Shot and edited by Joanie Tobin & Harrison Buck, produced by Joanie Tobin

Big Pit National Coal Museum

Big Pit National Coal Museum is one of the last working coal mines in Wales. But instead of producing coal, Big Pit has transformed into a museum, and the miners into tour guides and conservationists. Big Pit’s charm is in its authenticity, so as the miners get closer to retirement, the museum will have to figure out how to transform once again.

Goat Girls

When a neighbor of Wellesley's Boulder Brook Reservation cut down some old growth trees, invasive plants seized the opportunity, choking off resources and killing native plants. In addition to spot-treating some plants with herbicide, the town called The Goat Girls for help. Produced, shot and edited for Wellesley This Week.